Cet article est écrit en anglais, parce qu’il m’est venu en anglais et que j’allais pas me forcer à tout traduire. Désolée pour ceux qui vont rien y piger ^^’


I felt the need to write this in english, for several reasons. Mainly because I’m constantly thinking in english ever since I came back from the UK, but also because 75% of my life on the internet goes throughout english-speaking stuff, being websites, chats, tv shows or whatever. So, I apologise in advance to those who can’t read english, but also to those who can and will notice mistakes. I’m not a native english speaker after all, and I don’t intend to use a dictionary on this one. Anyhow, back to the topic : friends.

I often have a hard time defining my relationship towards the people I know exclusively online. Are they just “some random people I know” ? Can I call them friends ?

I’ve been told again and again that it’s all unreal, like if it were not real people. Well, sorry dad but they are real people. Whenever I play a MMO or spend too much time on Tumblr, the people I’m interacting with are real. They maybe on the other side of the globe, that doesn’t matter.

So I thought about what makes people friends. Well, friends have common interests, they talk and agree and disagree and care for each other. So, does it really mater if that happens IRL or not ? I don’t think so.

Sometimes you meet someone for the very first time, and you feel like you’re going to be best friends with this person, you can’t say why but you just know it. I’m pretty sure that can happen online too. As a matter of fact, it did happen to me quite a few times already. So I’m proud to talk about you guys as my “Tumblr friends”, or “Youtube friends” or any other kind of “online friends”. From now on, I will stop giving a sh*t about the strange looks on other people’s faces when I say “my friend from Venezuela”, or “my American friend”.

Even if there are so many kilometres between us, I’ll always be there if you need to talk. I can’t hug you, of course, but that doesn’t mean I’m not there for you. I love you the same way I love anyone else I call my friend.

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